Capitol Reef National Park - Part 7

Thousand Lakes RV Resort, Torrey, Utah
August 25-30, 3,408 miles and 43 days into the trip.

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Hickman Bridge Trail
Well this is our last trail. Mom decide she would take a more strenuous trail. This one is mainly in the open (hot sun) and up hill. The good news is that it is mainly down hill on the way back.
The bad news is that it will take two files on the Website.

The Capitol Dome.
Viewed from the Hickman Bridge Trail.
Its the dome which the park is named after.

Lava rocks from long ago eruptions just west of here.
The black rocks are the worn, water tumbled remains of that lava flow.

Resting while we look at the various shaped domes.

One of the friends we met along the trail while resting.

Rushing water turned this cave into a bridge many years ago.

The sun is hot and the trail is still going uppppp.

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