Capitol Reef National Park - Part 8

Thousand Lakes RV Resort, Torrey, Utah
August 25-30, 3,408 miles and 43 days into the trip.

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Hickman Bridge Trail
Continued from Part 7.
Don't worry, this is the last from Capitol Reef!

All of the rest stops have a lot to look at.
The hand prints on the wall behind us are from modern man.

Hickman Bridge.
133 feet wide and 125 feet high.
It is small compared to the ones at Arches NP.

I had to get in the picture.

That blue dot is Mom standing next to the tree in the center of the picture.

Getting ready to return to the car.
Mom takes one final look at the bridge's shadow.

See how happy Mom is now that we are heading back to the car?

Our final rest stop in Capitol Reef.
Tomorrow we head for Nevada.

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