Reno, Nevada

Gold Ranch Casino & RV Resort, Verdi, Nevada
September 5-9, 4,236 miles and 53 days into the trip.

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We stopped here prior to going up into the Serra Nevada’s and Lassen National Park, California.

I wanted to take the time to get my new notebook computer connected to Road Runners Dial-up service. I had to use wifi to connect to the internet and then download the dial-up software from RR. This RV resort had both wifi and telephone connections at each site. And the cell phone also worked so I was able to get RR’s help to guide me through it. I did not have my RR ID or password here. It is safe in my locked file at home!!

When we got here they gave us so many coupons to use in the casino we decided to stay a couple of extra days. We ate every night in the casino for about $20 total and had very good food. That included a drink each and a complete meal. (Diners ranged from for Fish & Chips $5.50 each to14 oz. Prime Rib $8.50 each.)

They gave us $5.00 seed money each for the machines. For the first time ever we came out ahead on the machines. We spent $25 and won $63.

The large casino’s in Reno were a let down after Las Vegas. But I guess if you are only interested in gambling (and that is what these people are interested in) then what difference does it make.

Our site at the Gold Ranch Casino.
The mountain in the background is black from a fire which they had last week.
Everything in Nevada and California is very dry and prone to fires from "dry" thunder storms. (No rain just thunder and lightning.) We call them Electrical Storms back east.

We were the second last site in the row. We had mountains in view on all sides.

They say that this is the most photographed arch in the US.
I bet Saint Louis has them beat.

Going over Mt. Rose pass to Lake Tahoe.
That's Reno down below at 4,490 feet, the pass is at 8,933 feet.
The Saturn had to huff and puff.

The North end of Lake Tahoe in Nevada looking across to California.
We will be comming back this way after Lassen NP
and staying at South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

I left my tripod in the car and was too lazy to walk back.

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