Lassen Volcanic National Park - Part 1

Manzanita Lake Campground, Lassen Volcanic NP, California
September 10-12, 4,236 miles and 56 days into the trip.

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We are back to dry camping in a National Park and loving it! No: Water, Electric, Sewer, cell phone, TV, cable, newspapers, or even Satellite TV (too many trees). We have a great site, in the woods, many birds and chipmunks, and peace and quiet. Also, we are now out of season and only about 20% of the sites are taken.

We did not know much about this NP before arriving here. As it turns out Lassen volcano was the last to erupt in the lower 48 states prior to Mt. Saint Helens. This area of California is loaded with extinct volcano’s. It is along the fault line which starts in southern CA and continues through Alaska.

Lassen Volcano erupted at least in two time periods; the first 27,000 years ago and then again with over 390 eruptions recorded from 1914 to 1921. It’s most famous eruptions were in1914 & 15. Lassen was made a National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 and a National Park by Congress in 1916. Many of the peaks surrounding Lassen were also volcanoes.

We are wedged between trees but the sunlight filters through making if very pleasant. Because we have beautiful sights all around us and very few campers, we keep the blinds up.

Besides it being Max's birthday, it is also 9/11.
So we added the stars and stripes.

I don't think we would ever get tired of this view.

While we were eating breakfast we watched the birds also eating.

Stellar Jay
I opened a window and tossed out a couple of cheerios.

This doe came around for a handout
but we went by the rules and she had to look else where.

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