Lassen Volcanic National Park - Part 2

Manzanita Lake Campground, Lassen Volcanic NP, California
September 10-12, 4,236 miles and 56 days into the trip.

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There is one road which winds its way for 30 miles between the northwest entrance to southwest entrance. It starts at 5,808 feet rises to a 8,511 foot summit and then back down to 6,648 feet. All along the road you are passing well marked extinct volcanios and devastated areas.

Lassen Peak viewed from Hat Creek
You only see a car once every 10 minutes and I had to get one in the picture!!

This 300 ton rock was deposited here (5 miles)
from Lassen Peak during the 1915 eruption.

These 5 rocks are from different Lassen eruptions.
The left 2 (grey & red rocks) are from Lassens first eruption 27000 years ago.
Black dacite (middle rock) May 14, 1915
Light dacite pumice & Banded bumice formed May 22, 1915.
It is interesting how they determined this information.

Passing over the 8,511 foot summit we saw alot of snow along side the road.
That's Mom standing on the road.

The snow looked soft but it was actually ice.

Chaos Crags
The extinct volcanic dome in the background suddenly collapsed sending millions of tons of rock riding on a cushion of trapped air across 2 miles of flat land.

I turned around an took this picture showing more of the rock field.

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