Lassen Volcanic National Park - Part 3

Manzanita Lake Campground, Lassen Volcanic NP, California
September 10-12, 4,236 miles and 56 days into the trip.

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More sights along the park road.

Lassen Peak viewed from the devastated area.
This area was devastated by a massive mudslide caused by an eruption in May 1915.

Black dacite - Formed May 14, 1915 when lava welled up into Lassen Peak's crater sealing it off. The lava shattered during the May 19 eruption. Notice the sharp edges and flat surfaces of the rock.

This boulder was carried and deposited on top of this mountain by a glacier.

Lake Helen
After passing over the 8,511 foot summit we came across this beautiful lake.

It is handy keeping the lounge chairs in the trunk of the Saturn!

We stayed for over an hour reading and looking at the views.

More views from the road.

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