Lassen Volcanic National Park - Part 4

Manzanita Lake Campground, Lassen Volcanic NP, California
September 10-12, 4,236 miles and 56 days into the trip.

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There are many trails to hike in the National Park. Most are moderately strenuous to strenuous.

Bumpass Hell Trail was only 3 miles but it starts at 8,400 feet, climbs up over 500 feet and then down 300 feet into the park's largest hydrothermal area. It is named after a local guide who, in the 1860's plunged a leg through the thin crust covering a seething mud pot. Although badly burned, he wisecracked about his easy decent into hell.

The trail passes from one side of a mountain where it is breezy and easy climbing to the other side where there is no breeze, minimum shade and hard climbing on the way back.

Bumpass Hell Trailhead

Mom's moving on while I take pictures.
The canyon floor is about 700 feet below.

Stopping to rest.
Everywhere you looked the view is fantastic.

This is the view which Mom was looking at.
You can see the road winding down the other side of the canyon.

We passed over the trails summit.
Looking down on Bumpass Hell's hydrothermal area.

Much smaller than the Yellowstone hydrothermal areas.

The trail back is hot and dry.
However, that is snow in the background.
It felt good to rub snow on our heads when we passed.

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