Yosemite National Park - Part 1

Upper Pines Campground, Yosemite NP, California
September 18-20, 4,672 miles and 64 days into the trip.

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Entering Yosemite NP from the east requires climbing from Mono Lake (6,400 ft.) to Tioga Pass 9,945 ft summit in just 12 miles. Six miles of that was at a 8% grade. Because we were going to dry camp at Yosemite we were carrying 90 gallons (720 pounds)of fresh water. That really made the motor home work!

Coming in from the east was a very scenic drive. In the National Park, the road is a narrow 2 lane road which winds up and down through the mountains without guard rails or shoulders almost all the way to the western entrance. Then the road doubles back and into Yosemite Valley. The valley floor is 4,014 ft above sea level.

As soon as we entered Yosemite Valley we realized that we were in the most visited NP in the US. It was wall to wall people in busses, trams, cars, on bikes, or on foot. All of the campgrounds were filled to maximum capacity every day.

We are starting the climb up to Tioga Pass from US 395.

It is hard to look at the scenery while driving.
There is a canyon down on the left.

The National Park starts right at the summit of Tioga Pass.

Our campsite at Yosemite.
Even though we are dry camping, we had just enough of an opening in the trees for the dish to work. With the inverter we were able to watch TV for 2-3 hours every night and recharge the batteries during the day with the motor generator.

We had to share the campground with some of the local residents.

Mom wanted to talk but he did not.
I guess he had things to do and places to go!

Did anyone see where my buddy went?

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