Yosemite National Park - Part 4a

Upper Pines Campground, Yosemite NP, California
September 18-20, 4,672 miles and 64 days into the trip.

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The Ahwahnee Lodge, Yosemite National Park

Many of the large National Parks have "Great Lodges." Whenever we visit a park (in the US or Canada) with a Great Lodge we try to have a special dinner in these grand and beautiful lodges. They are mostly rustic but very grand in décor and 4 star dining.

The Ahwahnee is the Great Lodge of Yosemite NP. It is named in honor of the Ahwahneechee Indians that inhabited the area before the Americans moved west. Ranchers, cattlemen, and miners took over the land and the Indians slowly disappeared.

The Ahwahneechee Indians had a very distinctive pattern in their woven cloth, baskets, and jewelry. The Ahwahnee Lodge uses this pattern through out the lodge in its furniture, drapery, and china.

We are sure that Rosa and Frank will remember these sights.

The Ahwahnee as seen from Glacier Point, 3,200 feet above.

Sitting next to a waterfall in the atrium.

It seems that every room has at least one big fireplace.

We had a drink in the lounge.
There was a piano player but I did not get him in the picture.

The Great Room
Fireplaces on each end and large windows overlooking Glacier Point.

The main dining room.

Having Mom's birthday dinner.
Watching sunset over Glacier Point above.

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