Lone Pine, California - Part 1

Bolder Creek RV Resort
September 22-26, 4,898 miles and 70 days into the trip.

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We continue to enjoy the sights as we travel down US 395. We bypassed some of the stops which where originally planned. We decided to stop at Lone Pine to clean out dirt from the motor home which we accumulated from two National Parks and the Lake Tahoe Campgrounds and to make ready for going into Death Valley. Little did we know that there would be so much to see in Lone Pine.

We knew that Lone Pine was on the Portal to Mt. Whitney (tallest mountain in the lower 48 states) and the western entrance to Death Valley. But what we did not realize is that it is next to a very famous movie location, Alabama Hills. More of that later.

It is hard to get tired of viewing the Sierra Nevada’s while going down 395.

Our site at Boulder Creek RV Resort, looking west.
Sierra Nevada are the tall peaks.
The shorter brown mound is part of Alabama Hills.

Inyo Mountains, looking east.

Heading up Mount Whitney Portal road.
Where the climbers start their climb up the mountain. Mt. Whitney is the peak in the valley between the tallest peaks. It looks shorter but it is farther back.

This is another steep and winding mountain road.

That's Lone Pine about 4,500 feet below in the valley.

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