Death Valley NP, California - Part 1
Panamint Springs Resort Campground

September 27, 4,954 miles and 71 days into the trip.

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We really had a good time at Lone Pine. It was very peaceful and the campground was pleasant and we enjoyed the swimming pool everyday after sight seeing.

Leaving Lone Pine we had to cross over the Inyo mountains. Because most of the moisture has been dropped on the Sierra Nevada’s and the two ranges before the Sierra Nevada’s, the Inyo mountains are very dry. As you reach the summit in the Inyo’s you enter Death Valley National Park boundary. You then drop down, a very steep drop, into the Saline Valley where Panamint Springs Campground is located part way down into the valley. Saline Valley is one mountain range west of Death Valley.

This is the overlook at the top of Inyo mountain pass, looking down on Saline Valley. Notice the water tanks which they have at various turnouts along the road for replenishing radiator water in over heating cars and RV's.

We are on a 8% grade going down into Saline Valley.
Notice the dry salt bed in the valley and the road which cuts across it and climbs the Panamint mountains on the other side which will take us to Death Valley.

Our site at Panamint Springs Resort(?).

While walking around the campground (we were the only ones here) we came across this Yellow Headed Blackbird.

Mom admiring the local flowers.

The Panamint Springs Resort Bar and Grill

Sitting at the "Resorts" bar. The bar is made of local wood.
They had some interesting beers. Some of the names I cannot put on the website.
The bartender and cook were a couple of real characters.

We ate at the bar and met Nel and Ray from England.
We talked for about an hour. She works for an English division of Miller Brewery and was here for a Miller international conference in Las Vegas. They are trying to cover too much ground in a very short time. San Francisco to Vegas and the conference then to Death Valley to Yosemite and back to San Francisco in 1.5 weeks. They only saw Death Valley from the car and did no hiking or sight seeing. They really missed alot, but I guess you do what you have to do.

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