Death Valley NP, California - Part 4
Furnace Creek Ranch Resort and Campground

Sept 28 - Oct 1; 5,010 miles and 75 days into the trip.

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Furnace Creek Resort sits on a series of springs which provide over 1.5 million gallons of warm spring water each day. Besides using the water for the resort motels, campground, employees living quarters, restaurants, laundry, and offices; it is used to water a lush green golf course, a large grove of date trees and a huge swimming pool.

Furnace Creek Resort swimming pool
It is at least 25 meters long and 8 lanes wide. But it is too warm.
It is like a bath tub. I think Mom and I were sweating while doing laps.

Do you remember the old Boraxo TV commercials?
These were the wagons which were pulled by the 20-mule-teams. The wagons were loaded with processed Borax and the tank contained 1,200 gallons of water for the mules and the men. They had to travel to a railhead 165 miles up through the mountains to the west. They had to process (separate out dirt, rocks, salt,..) the Borax in Death Valley because it would be too expensive to haul non-processed.

Resting on Zabriskie Point.
This lookout is about 1500 feet above the valley floor.
The near background is almost yellow.

Looking out over the valley from Zabriskie Point.

Behind the yellow hills are hills of maroon, red, grey, and black.

Devils Cornfield
Named for its arrowweed "cornshocks." (The Indians made arrows out of the plants stems after straightening them by rubbing them on hot rocks.) Many of the Death Valley place names have to do with the devil or death: Funeral Mountains, Coffin Peak, Devils Golf Course, Dantes View (of Purgatory).

Our neighbors who are camping next to us.
They are part of a antique motorcycle club who will be here for a rally. We had to miss it because the campground was sold out. He is a retired California State Trooper and they live in San Diego. He is on a 1972 BSA.

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