Death Valley NP, California - Part 5
Furnace Creek Ranch Resort and Campground

Sept 28 - Oct 1; 5,010 miles and 75 days into the trip.

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As we said earlier, there are many trails and roads to see. We tried to hike on all easy and moderate trails but many were at the end of some very rough high clearance vehicle roads.

We saw the Sand Dunes from the main highway. The Sand Dunes are not as large as those a Great Sand Dunes National Park, so we decided not to hike to them.

But the hiking and driving which we did do was very interesting and awesome.
This hike, Mosaic Canyon, was our favorite. The trailhead is 3 miles up a steep gravel washboard from the Stovepipe Wells Village. It took about a half hour to slowly travel up the very dusty rutty road, but it was well worth it.

Mom is starting on the hike up into Mosaic Canyon. It starts nice and wide back at the trailhead parking lot in the background.

The trail is starting to get narrow.

and narrower...

and narrower...

The marble looks like it has a wood grain.
The rock on the extreme right is what the canyon is named for,
it looks like it is a mosaic.

I had to use my tripod to take this picture.
I had to leave Mom behind when we came to a 4 foot step which she could not climb and did not want me to pull her up. She was worried that I would throw my back out and she would have to drive the motorhome back to New York.

It did not take long for Mom to make friends with another guy. When I got back she was talking with this hiker. He was afraid to leave her alone. In the foreground is the 4 foot step up the mosaic shelf.

We are on the way back out of the canyon. I had to hold on to her to keep someone else from walking off with her!

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