Joshua Tree National Park, California - Part 2

October 3-7, 5,354 miles and 81 days into the trip.
29 Palms RV Resort, 29 Palms - 3 Nights
Belle CG, Joshua Tree NP - 2 Nights

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We hiked on a lot of nature trails and saw many different and interesting plants and trees.
We took a 100's of pictues, but don't worry we will only show you some of them!

Our site had it's own Joshua Tree plus many other plants.

A very young Joshua Tree.
The green palms die and slowly fold down to create a protective "bark" for the trunk of the tree. As it gets older it starts to branch out in all directions.

An adult Joshua Tree.
The trunk on the extreme left is one that died before branching out.
These trees don't grow too close together in this valley. I guess the lack of water and the exact altitude of this valley only allows the stronger to survive.

This is the next valley over and it is at a different altitude and supports more trees.

Near the 5,000' level in the park this female Nolina Yucca plant is in full bloom.
The wind was blowing and the temperature was in the low 50's up here.

Another interesting plant, the Cholla Cactus. This is a young plant.
People say that the needles jump off at you if you pass too close.
Actually, the very sharp needles have small barbs on the ends and if you brush up against them they will snag you and pull loose of the plant. Then they break off in your skin when you try to remove them.

Looking at an adult Cholla while walking through the "Cholla Cactus Garden."
This part of the valley is ideal for the Cholla and it has created this huge garden.

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