Joshua Tree National Park, California - Part 4

October 3-7, 5,354 miles and 81 days into the trip.
29 Palms RV Resort, 29 Palms - 4 Nights
Belle CG, Joshua Tree NP - 2 Nights

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Here is a collection of several of our hikes going through the piles of granite rocks.
We had a good time thinking up names for some of the formations.

On one of the many trails through rock formations.

One of the rocks on a nature trail.
The sign explains how the rock was eroded.

Slowly getting lost.
We came across a nature trail and did not know which direction to walk. As it turns out we were hiking backwards to the marked trail and I missed a trail marker. After about a half hour not seeing a trail marker, I climbed to the top of a huge rock to locate which direction the road was to get back.

This reminded us of the head of a whale, with its mouth open,
coming out of water.

Another Arch - It looks like an elephant.
Looking from right to left
The arch is the elephants trunk, then the head, then the front leg, then the body.

The trail crosses over the main park road.
The rock behind me looks like a skull.

The Skull.

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