Joshua Tree National Park, California - Part 5

October 3-7, 5,354 miles and 81 days into the trip.
29 Palms RV Resort, 29 Palms - 4 Nights
Belle CG, Joshua Tree NP - 2 Nights

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Every night the temperature dropped down into the high 40's to low 50's.
We had cloudless skies every night and a full moon on the last night.
We watch the moon rise from behind the mountains every night at the Belle CG.

Waiting (and shivering) for the sunset to color the sky.

The sun dropped behind the mountain.
We need clouds to real see a goood sunset.

Moon Rise over the mountains.
Framed by our Joshua Tree.

Looking at the moon rise.
I added a flash to the picture.

16 second time exposure using the full moon to light the campsite.

A very interesting shot.
16 second time exposure, full moon is just off of the picture to the left.
After putting the picture on the computer I noticed the shooting star angling in from the top right corner.

The Shooting Star.

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