Palm Desert, CA - Indio, CA

Star Burst's Indian Wells RV Park, Indio, California
October 8 - 10; 5,436 miles and 84 days into the trip.

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Leaving Joshua Tree NP we had planned to have a short visit with Shirley and Tom and then stop in Arizona. But we lazed around the campsite and left Joshua Tree later than planned. So after leaving Shirley and Tom we decided to stop at Indian Wells. While we were at Indian Wells we enjoyed the park so much we stayed 3 nights. It's great not having a schedule which we have to maintain.

Having a short visit with Shirley and Tom.

Our narrow site at Indian Wells.

Behind our site was this nice spa and pool.
Mom's in the pool before I had a chance to setup the motorhome.
Its out of season yet so we usually had the pool to ourselves.

I also enjoy the pool. - That's our motorhome behind me.
When a couple we met asked Mom which site we were in she said
"Your in our backyard pool!"

Next to the RV park was a date farm.
They put cotton bags over the dates to keep them moist.

We had dinner at Clint Eastwood's Hog's Breath restaurant.
This is one of the many paintings and pictures along the walls.

The Hog's Breath is on the second floor.
Mom is sitting on the fountain.

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