Silver City, New Mexico

October 15, 6,700 miles and 89 days into the trip.
Silver City KOA

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We left Saguaro NP and headed for Guadalupe Mountains NP.
We decided to pass through Silver City to visit Jeff and meet his bride Kristin.

Jeff moved and also got married since we saw him in 2002. He is diong a great job refurbishing the house. He is an expert working with tile on floors, walls and even kitchen counters.. If he ever decides to leave teaching (but I think he enjoys it too much and the students would miss him!) he could make a good living designing and installing tile. Also, Kristin is good at texture painting the rooms. Together they make a very good team.

After touring their home and Jeff's work shop we had a great home cooked meal.

We also met Bubba, who seems to enjoy company.

Jeff's latest project.
He is building a motorcycle of his own design from scratch.
He also had to build a fixture to hold the pieces while fabricating the frame.

Jeff holding one half of the front fork assembly.
He does all of his own bending, cutting, grinding, and welding.
That's his company name and logo on the wall.

It was very enjoyable talking with the happy couple.

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