Guadalupe Mountains NP, Texas - Part 2

October 18; 6,397 miles and 92 days into the trip.
Guadalupe Mountains NP Campground

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While hiking in the high desert and mountains we get to view a large variety of plant and tree types. I'm sure that in a year we will forget much of what we learned about the plants and trees in the desert.

We planned to stay here for 2 nights. Unfortunately, we found out that the motor generator will not operate when the gas tank level gets to 3/8 or lower. It is specified to not work below 1/4 tank. I guess they do not have a very tight tolerance. Well we had to leave because we ran the batteries down using the inverter the first night watching satellite TV and using the furnace. Use of the motor generator is very limited in the park. Next time we will make sure that we have over tank of gas when dry camping.

Bigtooth Maple - Our first fall colors.
This maple can grow to 50 feet in height. But its leaves are only 2.5" in diameter.
We are up in the canyon near Smith Spring, where many trees are growing.

While we were hiking on one side of the narrow canyon, this buck mule deer climbed out the other side and was about 50 feet away. He was looking at us while I took out the camera and then turned away when I took the picture.

Smith Spring. It was a long climb up here but sights were wonderful.

More fall color.
We could not determine the name of this tree.

We are above the pyramid mountain which we saw when we first started.

On the way back down.
We are in the shadow of the mountain and it is cooling off fast.

Resting on the day after the hike and getting ready to leave.

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