Big Bend NP, Texas - Part 2

October 22-23; 6,772 miles and 97 days into the trip.
Rio Grande Village CG, Big Bend NP

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The park has many places to sight see. So this time we decided to only travel on the paved roads. Next time we will steal one of the kids SUV's to tow behind the motorhome and then we will be able to see more of the back country in the National Parks. I felt sorry for the Saturn with what we did in a lot of the parks so we took it easy here. But we did have some long drives. When we went to view the Santa Elena Canyon, located in the south western end of the park, we had to drive 132 miles round trip. The drive to Chisos Basin was 60 miles round trip. So the Saturn got a good workout.

Sunset reflecting over the camp store and gas station at Rio Grande Village CG.

On our way up to Chisos Basin. The road goes over a pass leading through the peaks behind Mom. The Basin is completely surrounded by mountains and there is only one way in and out. We noticed this tree by the side of the road. Itís bark is shed leaving a reddish colored trunk.

On the way down into Chisos Basin.
That is the campground and lodge which are barely visible.

"The Window" A view point in Chisos Basin.
It looks out through the notch into the desert below.

Looking back into the Window from the desert below.

The Mule Ears
They were used by the Army Air Force during WWII.
The pilots had to fly between and below the peaks while training.

The Mule Ears - from another angle.
I think the mound in front looks like the mules nose.
Mom thinks I'm nuts!

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