Big Bend NP, Texas - Part 3

October 22-23; 6,772 miles and 97 days into the trip.
Rio Grande Village CG, Big Bend NP

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Another interesting trip we took was to Santa Elena Canyon. The border with Mexico in this area is very mountainous. The Santa Elena Canyon has vertical walls on both sides for many miles, with one side Mexican the other US.

Santa Elena Canyon as viewed from the trail head.
The Rio Grande cut through the mountain and formed the canyon over many years. The river exits the notch and turns to the left. Mexico is on the left.

Hiking to the canyon.

The trail traverse over an rocky outcropping using these switch backs.

We've climbed over the outcropping and are headed back down to the river bank.

Looking down at the Rio Grande.

The end of the trail. The river turns left ahead.
Mexico on the left, US on the right and straight ahead.

Heading back to the trailhead we had to climb down this river bank.
It is easier to slide down on the way out than climbing up on the way in.
But Mom did get a sandy bottom!

After I took this picture, Mom decided that it would be easier to walk in the water then try to balance on the rocks. That's Mom's sand slide behind her.

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