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Luke and Carloyn gave us a couple of Pedometers for our anniversary.
I guess they feel we should be working out more!!

Mom and I usually walk about 0.5 mile on the beach every morning.
When I walk with Mom we take time to "smell the roses" so to speak.
She is always looking for the perfect shell!

But, because of Mom's bike accident, she did not walk the first week.
The first day walking, I was gone for over an hour. Mom was really getting worried and almost called the police.
With out Mom, I guess I really stepped out. I walked 3.2 miles (round trip) that first day. The pedometer told me how many miles I walked and also how many calories I burned. Now what am I supose to do with the information??

I measured a 2.2 mile walk south and a 3.2 mile walk north using the car.

Another lousy day on the beach!

Mom looking for me and wondering if she should call the police.
I guess she remembers my hiking at Arches National Park.
No water and no idea of how long the trail was!!!
And just barely making it back!!!!

When I was returning from my beach walk, the Optical Tracker was open and being tested.
I talked with the technician for about 10 minutes. Told him about GE Radio Guidance and GEMINI. He called them the "good old days".
He was really too young to remember those days! Unfortunately, he would not give me a tour of the tracker!

This was a sight we have never seen before, and will probably never see again. The beach was deserted, it was very cloudy, no wind, and almost ready for rain. It was located on the beach by the Breakers Condo's.

There were hundreds of Pelicans on the beach and in the water.
Just off shore (20 to 40 yards) was a school of fish and the pelicans were having a field day. As I approached the ones on the beach, most of them left to be with their friends in he water.

I have about 15 pictures of this and had a hard time selecting the best.

Here you can see them diving on the fish.
One pelican is partially under water, another just hit the water,
and another is just starting his dive.
Two more are looking for a fish to dive on.

Here is one just hitting the water. They get a fish every time they dive!

We read about their fishing in a book. As they dive they slowly fold their wings and just before hitting the water the flip on thier back.

The guy in the center looked to be the Grandpa.
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