Melbourne Beach - Part C

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Whenever we walk the beach or riverfront we get to see many birds.
Because there are fewer people on the beach this time of year, the birds seem to take it over. My camera only has a 2X zoom, so I cannot get the close ups I would like. But I did take about 120 pictures and only saved about 25.

We only saw one trail of a Sea Turtle comming up on the beach to lay eggs.
I guess it is a couple of weeks too early in the year. Last year we saw turtle tracks every 50 to 75 feet along the shore.

Having dinner at Bonefish Willys.
On the Indian River with a nice balmy breeze.

While walking the beach every day, we met many little friends.
These two Ibis were looking for lunch (sand crabs)
If there is only one is it called an Ibi?

One of our friends at Outdoor Resorts.
This Great Blue Heron always spends afternoons at the river pool.
He thinks he is at muscle beach!!!
Actually, he is drying his feathers.

Both of these blue herons are always in the campground. They reside along the river near the pool or on various campsite piers. One guy looks like he has a hangover. Must have been a rough night! Or he ate fish imported from Onondaga Lake.

If you look close, you can see two pelicans on the roof of the shelter at the end of the pier.

We parked our bikes and are headed for the riverfront to watch the sunset.

Mom watching the sun set over the Indian River.
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