Fort Myers Beach

Indian Creek Campground

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We stayed at Outdoor Resorts longer than we planned on. (It is hard to get Mom to leave her Ocean!!) Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at Fort Myers Beach, Stan and his wife already left for New York. I hope we will be able to visit them next year.

During this time of year, the big difference driving on the Ocean coast and the Gulf Coast is the Love Bugs. It sounded like rain hitting the front of the motorhome as we left the Ocean and approached the center of Florida and even continued while on the Gulf coast.

Getting ready to clean the Love Bugs off the front of the motorhome.
It was worse then it looks. You can see the goop on the windshield!!!
This was hard work, I really worked up an appetite.

Most rental sites are not as nice as the ones at Outdoor Resorts.
But they only cost $21 a night (with taxes) after May 1st.
The pool is just down the street.

We spent every afternoon in the pool.

Having dinner at The Veranda.
Thanks for the Anniversary present Terri. You picked a great restaurant.
The food and service was outstanding. I had Yellow Snapper and Mom had Rack of New Zealand Lamb. Our table overlooked their garden.

Caesar Salad being made at our table.

As you can see, I'm working off the calories on the beach at Sanibel Island!

Our last meal out before heading for home.
On the beach at Fort Myers Beach.
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