Savannah, GA

Jeff & Iris's Campground

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We could not get a site on Tybee Island for Friday night, so we spent the night in the first open driveway we found. It cost $800!
(8 hours electrical installation @ $100 per hour).

Iris and Jeff's home.
Note the campground on the right side!

The campground management was real strict!
5 MPH max in driveway!
No dumping of sewage on the ground!

Installing recessed lighting.
Jeff bought a new drill fixture and was having a ball
cutting 6" holes in the ceiling.

Jeff was pulling wires in the attic.
Olive really could not understand how he got up there.

Wiring the fixtures.

Jeff inspecting the final results.

Iris spent hours on the ladder aligning and realigning the lights to make the spots perfect. I bet she does it every day. Artists are such perfectionists!

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