Saint Augustine, Florida

Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort

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We camped at Bryn Mawr in 1978 and 1980. Both times we had to be pulled out of our site due to being bogged down in the sand. At that time, the campground sites and roads were on soft sand.

It has really changed since then. The sites are now owned by private owners and each site has a concrete pad and drive. The roads are compressed shells/gravel/sand. It is nothing like Outdoor Resorts, but it is the best in the area and the only campground on the ocean.

Site 89 at Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort.

On the beach in front of Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort.
For $5.00 you can drive on the beach. You have to stay on the other side of the orange barrels and 10 MPH max.

Having our anniversary dinner at The Rain Tree.
If your in the area, stop in for a very special meal.

The Rain Tree at night.

Basilica Cathedral of St. Augustine.
In '78 and '80 we were here for Palm Sunday and attended mass and toured the art show in the square across the street.

The last time we were here this was a dirt road.
The Spanish Bakery is still back there with it's tasty large cookies.
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