Melbourne Beach, Florida

Outdoor Resorts of America

Part A - Around the Campground.

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It is always great to come back to Outdoor Resorts of America at Melbourne Beach. We have been coming here since 1978 and have never been disappointed.
Each year we seem to feel like we are coming home. The beach, ocean, and resort are so peaceful and relaxing.

As usual, I took a lot more pictures than I can place on the WebSite. It was hard to decide which pictures to select.

From our site we could see a communications antenna about 0.5 mile away. On top of it was an Osprey nest. We watched them every day bring branches to add to the nest or fish to feed their two young. I took several pictures using the binoculars but none of them were very sharp. So I did not bore you with the pictures. We watched as the adults kicked the young out of the nest and made them forage for themselves.

We were able to get old 510 (new 277) again.
They are building condo's behind us now. They actually started last year. But due to the hurricanes most construction workers are working on repairs, which pays more than new construction.

This pine is next to our site. Notice the hurricane damage.
Most of the branches on the windward side are gone. They are starting to grow back, but it will take about 5 years to get back to where it was.

This flower is on an Hibiscus bush on our patio.
We get to see new flowers on it every day.

One of the new two story park models.
They have a bedroom loft for a partial second floor.
The rest of the unit has like a cathedral ceiling.

Here is one of the million dollar units.
They are pulling a Hummer and also have a Harley in the dropdown storage bay. The bay is open and you can see the headlights of the motorcycle.

This is a Nash Metropolitan.
One of the forerunners of the compact car!

Mom fighting the crowd at the ocean pool!
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