Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Part B - Storm Damage

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As we approached Melbourne Beach we started to see many roofs with tarps on them, full dumpsters in driveways, or piles of trash at the curb waiting to be picked up and taken to the landfill.

The damage from the two hurricanes, which hit this area last year, has still not been taken care of. Anyone interested in doing repair or reconstruction can get a job working 24/7. General Contractors drive around everyday looking for crews who are willing to accept more money and leave their present job. Therefore many projects are partially started and just sitting without anyone working on them.

The newspaper talks about contractors who accept a down payment and are never heard from again. Also in central Florida, 25% of the roofing inspections are failing and must be done over. If the contractor got paid before inspection the owner is then required to take the contractor to court to get the money back. (example: There must be at last 6 nails in every shingle. If they find one shingle during a random sampling with less than 6 nails the inspection fails and all shingles must be removed and new tar paper and shingles installed.)

The Quality Suites, which we stayed at in 1998 is closed. As well as the Hilton, Holiday Inn and Radisson hotels. They presently consist of just concrete shells. As you drive past them you can see right through. They was so much damage that it was cheaper to completely gut them and start all over. They have been gutted and new roofs installed. They are just sitting idle now waiting for crews to start. We pass them almost every other day and see no activity.

This is the 7 eleven in front of the campground. It is not scheduled to be repaired until after the next hurricane season.

The Ebb Tide Condo in front of the campground.
It's metal roof was completely tore off. They had to construct a work platform from the ground and completely around the building so they could work on the roof. They repaired the truss work, put new plywood down, then ice and water tar paper. Now it is just sitting there waiting for workers. In the 18 days we were here, they only had one day of activity and only by two guys working on the structure under the roof. During a period of high wind some of the tar paper started to come loose and flapping. This will be a costly job!
They did replace the fence around the swimming pool while we were here.

This is what is left of the campgrounds boardwalk on the Indian River.

It looks like the hurricane shoved several boats against the pier and the shelter on the end of the pier. The shelter is missing most of the flooring, railings, and fish cleaning sinks.

One of the storms pushed this barge up on the beach. It has been there ever since. This was the end of my northern walk on the beach. That is the Ebb Tide 2 miles down the beach. (I measured it on the cars odometer.)

This was one of the poorly constructed condos on the beach. Every unit lost it's sliding glass doors and the interior. The unit on the right lost it's roof. That is what happens when you buy a cheap condo!

Here is one of about two dozen park models in the campground which lost it's permanent patio roof, screens and windows.
Several of the units had sides damaged by flying objects.
This unit and lot are for sale. I guess the owner is giving up.
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