Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Part C - On the Beach

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Mom and I walked the beach every day. Most days we head south to watch the construction of a new condominium and also the installation of huge sandbags to keep the shoreline from washing away during the next hurricane.

Mom spends a lot of time watching "Her Ocean."
Every day it seems to look different due to wind direction and clouds. Today there is a strong easterly wind.

There is just a small breeze from the east today.

We spend time here every day watching the progress.
We use to go to a restaurant on this site. It took high damage in the hurricanes last year so the owner decided to retire and build the condo.
It was written up in the newspaper last week.
There are only 9 condo units here and all but one are already sold.
The remaining one is 3100 square feet of luxury for only $1,300,000.00

The walls and floors are poured concrete.
Most condo's are not made this good. Hopefully this one will hold up to the hurricanes. We are not sure what material the roof will be made of. The roofs seem to be the big problem during the hurricane.

This guy is resting after catching some fish.
You can see dredges on the water in the distance sucking up sand to deposit on the shore. they have been dredging every day.

Mom talking with one of the locals.

This guy can't take his black eyes off of me.
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