Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Part E - Sunsets

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We like walking or biking down to the Indian River to watch sunsets.
I have a million sunset pictures so here are just a few.
During this time of year, the temperature is around 80 degrees with a light breeze almost every evening.

Where we usually sit to watch the setting sun.
Sitting along side the River Pool.

This is the view looking away from the setting sun.
This evening we see the rising moon over the campground's shuffleboard courts.

Some evenings there is a lot of Pelican activity.
This evening they were doing a lot of fishing.

It would start with only one or two.
Then they would come from all directions.

Here are three diving at the same time.
They each came up with a fish!
They must have good eyes to see fish in this low light.

The sun is almost down.

We are not the only ones looking at the sunset.
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