Port Charlotte, Florida

Encore RV Super Park

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On our way from Melbourne Beach to Fort Myers, we stopped one night in Port Charlotte to visit Stan and Charlotte. They purchased a house here and plan to sell their home in North Syracuse and move down here permanently.

I goofed again and forgot to take my camera when we went to their house. They have a beautiful home which is located on a canal which outputs to the gulf just several miles away. It has an enclosed pool with a robot which cleans the pool automatically. (No use working to hard in retirement! - He is learning fast!!) They just completed painting all of the rooms and it is ready to move into. .

They took us out to a local Italian restaurant where we got a ton of good Italian food. Thanks again for the meal.

The Encore RV Super Park was a good campground. However, we did not use any of the facilities. Our site did back up to a canal which supposedly had alligators in it. But, like most campgrounds, it did not compare to Outdoor Resorts at Melbourne Beach. We are really spoiled!

The worst thing about driving from the east coast to the west coast in May are the BUGS!
The same thing happened last year! I guess I will never learn.
I had to stop and clean the windows in a shopping plaza as we neared the Gulf coast, because we were approaching a thunderstorm and I could not use the windshield wipers with all of the bug juice on the windshield. In the middle of the storm I pulled into a church parking lot to figure out where we were and also wait out the downpour.

Stan and Charlotte stopped at our campsite to take us to dinner and see their new house. You can see the canal in the background.
Stan is having a beer while we catch up on what has been happening lately.

Charlotte and Mom talking about the advantages of living in Flordia.
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