Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Indian Creek RV Resort

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The first thing we noticed when we pulled into the Indian Creek campground was a new and much smaller sign. We soon learned that the huge sign which they use to have got blown away during the hurricane.

Indian Creek is a senior (over 55) RV and manufactured home park. It has over 1500 sites and about 75% are manufactured homes (mobile homes). It has 21 man made lakes which are surrounded by sites.

It is located on the road to Sanibel Island. We did not go to Sanibel this time due to the problems caused by the hurricane on the Island and the daily traffic jam on the causeway.

Site 28. It is our usual one. (8 sites from the main pool.)
The other pools are closed after May 1.
Notice the newer manufactured home in the background. The latest building code requires the homes to be raised up to prevent flooding. Because there are so many lakes in the resort, there is a possibility of flooding when the hurricane blows the water out of them.
The parkmodel to the right was installed 3-4 years ago and is allowed to rest on it's wheels.

Mom enjoying the pool.
We had a dip everyday.

Enjoying the rays after a cool dip.
We are well read!

Passing one of the 21 lakes while on our daily bike ride.
While riding through the resort, it is interesting to see how each of the seasonal sites are setup and kept up.

Walking on Fort Myers Beach.
This time the water is not as clear as the ocean.
It normally is just as clear as the ocean.

One of the brightly painted condos.

Love's Ice-cream Parlor. - A must at least once every trip.
They got hit bad with the hurricane and were in a temporary trailer until last week. They use to have the ceiling and walls covered with college pennants. Most were lost during the hurricane (including the Syracuse pennant). I told them that I would send a new Syracuse pennant when we get home. It would be nice to include other colleges if we can get our hands on them.
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