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Yes, We came back.

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When we arrived at Fort Myers Beach we tried to make reservations at Top Sail State Park in Santa Rosa Beach. We never had a problem in the past during this time of year. They were usually half empty, but this year they are booked solid.

So we decided to come back to our favorite campgound, Melbourne Beach.

Sea turtle nesting is May to August, and we hope to see some of the activity during this stay. Most of the nesting is during June and July.

Yes, this is my ocean!

Welcome to my Ocean!

We are not the only one enjoying the ocean view!

When we arrived here for our first stay on April 15 we noticed a new communications antenna about 1.5 to 2 miles away from our site. We could see it through the front windows of our motorhome. We noticed an Osprey nest on top and were able to monitor the nest with binoculars. At that time there seemed to be two adults and two children who were almost the same size as the adults. We watched as the adults brought fish in their talons to the nest for all to feed on.

Every day after a hard day of walking the beach, swimming in the pool, laying in the sun, and riding bikes through the park we would sit in the motorhome to watch the late afternoon activity in the nest.

We were here for 19 days the first time and started to notice a change in activity. After acouple of weeks, the adults seemed to chase the two young ones out of the nest. I think most osprey nests are on top of poles. Well, this nest is on a tower which has a platform about 30 feet below. One of the kids took the platform over after it got kick out of the nest. The other kid went some where else. The one on the platform does not seem to know that it is time for him/her to get her own nest.
It has been 5 weeks now and we have really enjoyed watching this family and how they operate. With the binoculars you can see the mostly white heads of the Ospreys. But it does not show up in the pictures, mainly due to the focus.

This is a X2 telephoto shot from the end of the campground.
(The closest point in the campgound to the communications antenna.)

This is a view through the binoculars. Pardon the focus.
One of the adults just chased the young one from the nest.

One of the adult is in the nest.
The young one is on the platform and seems to stay there all night.
I hope that some day it will wise up and look for a mate.

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