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Part D - Out for Dinner.

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We tend to go out to dinner about once every three days while on vacation. We have our favorites here at Melbourne Beach and tend to go back to them every year.

However, this year we found a new restaurant, The Coconut Cove. It is just 2 miles down the road from the campground. We have passed this place every year and never thought about going there, mainly because we never heard or read about it and it does not have much of a sign at the entrance to it's long driveway. It's off of the main (A1A) highway, hidden from view and is on the shore of the Indian River.
It turns out that it is a German restaurant and the owner-chef and his family live upstairs. They came from Germany in 1986 and bought the restaurant and changed the menu. They only use word of mouth to advertise and get all of the business they can handle. The food and atmosphere is outstanding. So I guess we have a new restaurant to add to our favorites list for Melbourne Beach. Inside it is only as big as the Clam Bar, but they have more tables on the patio outside.

The shore view of the Coconut Grove.
They have a long fishing pier extending into the Indian River.
We came out for a stroll while waiting for our Apple Strudle desert.

This is the view from our table.
A Blue Heron was walking around while we ate.
Due to the warm weather, the patio was not being used.

A Dolphin came into the area of the pier while we were eating.
So we went out to watch it frolic around.
The waitress probably thought we were nuts. We left the table several times to look at the birds and fish. But, that's the problem with a window table near the patio door!

We finished our meal while watching the setting sun.

Another of our favorites, Dejon's
It at the foot of the Melbourne Beach Pier in the Indian River.

The Melbourne Beach Pier in the Indian River.
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