Savannah, GA - Part A

River's End Campground, Tybee Island

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The trip down to Savannah was very peaceful. We did see a couple of accidents along the way. It looked like a couple of truck drivers fell asleep and ran off the road with their rigs. One in VA the other in NC. Did not look like anyone was hurt except the cargo being spilled over the roadside.

I dropped the cruse control down to 62 MPH from my normal 66. The mileage went up from last years average of 7.4 to 8.1 for the first two tank fulls. Hope this continues. The gas prices keep going up. NY, NC and FL are the highest priced. We paid $2.68 in NY and $2.45 in VA, SC, & GA.

This year we were able to get a campsite at River's End because we reserved extra early. River's End Campground is very busy this time of year. Before we left, we reserved the same site for Samantha's Baptism in July.

As usual, as soon as we arrived at Tybee Island and set up on the campsite, we headed for The North Beach Grill for our usual Crab Cake Sandwich and fries.

Jeff and Samantha showing us some changes in the backyard.

Iris playing house.
Samantha is a good eater and has a very pleasant personality.
She loves laying on her changing table - laughs so hard when you talk to her she always seems to get the hiccups.

Samantha looking the motorhome over.
She and Iris spent the afternoon with us a River's End.

Grandpa watching the Masters with Samantha. She had a great time watching the golfers swinging and the balls rolling on the greens. That's Els on the TV, she liked Mickelson the best.

She is looking for the TV.
We had the opportunity to baby sit for her while Iris & Jeff went out for the evening. I guess we did OK, Samantha did not seem to mind!

Watching golf is really tiring.
Even for Mom!

Olive looking for squirrels.
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