Melbourne Beach, Florida

Outdoor Resorts of America

Part A - Around the Campground.

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It is always great to come back to Outdoor Resorts of America at Melbourne Beach. We have been coming here since 1978 and have never been disappointed. Each year we seem to feel like we are coming home. The beach, ocean, and resort are so peaceful and relaxing.

The site we normally get was already taken. So we had to select another. This one is a lot closer to the ocean and farther from the middle pool and the river. So it took a little to get use to. This time we did not visit the middle pool at all. Spent our days on the ocean beach and swimming in the "ocean Pool". Now we have to figure out which site we should ask for in the future! Boy, will it be hard!! Retirement was suppose to be easy!

When we arrived it was very windy and many sea shells were washed up on the beach. So with all of my walking everyday I collected many perfecto's.

This is the new sign. The last time we were here the sign was blown away by the hurricane. That's our motorhome just to the right of the sign.

Site 147. Not a good looking site, but a great location and great neighbors.
Most of the sites have flowers and green grass. This one is kind of barren.

The 3 Blue Heron in this tree were born last year in the nest on top of the tree. The tree is located in the park near the river. This year the parents kicked them out of the nest but they refused to leave the tree. They still expect to get fed, so they squawk all day long. The nest now contains just hatched babies and are well protected by the parents.

We pass the nest every day on our bike ride.
This picture was taken 1 week after we got here and the yearlings were now gone. They could be seen around the river learning to fish. Every now and then we would see them squawk at a parent for food around the river pool.

Joanne and Conrad, our neighbors across the street.
They are now full timers.
They were very helpful pointing out some new restaurants, church suppers, and the local barber. We did attend two of the church suppers with them and had a very good time. I also got one of my best haircuts by the local (Outdoor Resorts site owner) barber.

Most nights we either walked, road our bikes, or drove to the river pool to watch the sunset. The river pool is 0.6 mile from this site. So depending on what we did during the day and how late dinner was, that depended our mode of transportation. This was one of my favorite sunset pictures.
As you can see, we are not the only ones to watch the sunsets.
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