Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Part B - On the Beach.

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Within a couple of days of arriving, we get into a rut. Every morning I bike to the 7/11 to buy a newspaper. We eat a good breakfast, read the newspaper, work the Sudoku puzzle, work the crossword puzzle then head for the beach.

Mom and I walk the beach together. Most days Mom returns to her beach chair in the water for reading or just looking at the waves while I continue my walk. When I return from my 1 - 1 1/2 hour walk I join Mom or play in the surf. Then we force ourselves into the 83 degree "ocean pool" and relax in the fresh water. Mom does her water aerobics while I sit and read.

About 3:30 we head back to the motorhome to go for a bike ride or walk in the park, then relax with a cold drink and snack on the patio (or on a hot day, in the air conditioned motorhome). With this busy schedule we don't even have time for lunch.

The only time we change from this dull routine is on Sunday when we add 11:00 Mass.

Another lousy day in paradise.
The tide is out so we have a nice level and shallow shoreline.

When the sun feels too hot, we break out the umbrella.
As you can see, Mom prefers the sun.

The tall condo is in front of the RV resort.
I always keep that in view while I'm walking, so I won't get lost!
This time of year, the only time you see people on the beach is on weekends. And even then there are very few.
The white dots in the sand are sea shells which were washed ashore by high the winds and surf during the first week we were here.

When I got back from my walk I found this Blue Heron walking around Mom. She was busy reading her book and did not know it was there.

As I approached the Heron, it went around Mom and then flew off.

Dad waiting for the big one.

It's almost time to leave for Rochester and we still did not take a picture together. Except for a couple of pictures in restaurants, this is our only picture together. So here we are not wanting to leave our dull routine.
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