Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Part C - On the Beach 2.

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I really enjoy walking the beach and looking at the birds. Every day it seems that there is something new to see. Like watching sandpipers digging for crabs. They seem to either do it alone or in a group. When in a group they watch each other very close. When one gets a crab it has to run from the others. Several follow to see if they can pick up scraps. Some times it pays off, when the crab's shell is cracked open the meat may fall out and be picked up by a freeloader.

I wanted to see how close this Heron would let me get.

He decided that I got too close!

On days when the ocean breeze is present, the pelicans like to ride the updrafts caused by the sand dunes and condo's.

Six Ibis crabing for lunch. Let's see how close I can get.

When one takes off the rest follow.

This Ibis flew right by me.
I'm surprised that the picture is not a blur.

Pelicans out for a seafood lunch.
It's interesting watching them dive on the fish. Sometimes they dive from so high you think they will knock themselves out when the hit the water going in head first.
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