Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Part E

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We only planned to spend 4 weeks here at Melbourne Beach and then head for the Gulf Coast and Fort Myers Beach for 4 more weeks. Well the fires which hounded us in Alaska found us again.

It is very dry in Florida and the fires just kept starting all around the central part of the state. For 12 days I-95 was closed to traffic (both directions) due to either fire, smoke, or smoke mixed with fog. There were major fires just north of us and minor fires south and west. Depending on the wind we were able to smell the smoke but thankfully we never saw smoke.

When we were ready to switch coasts I-95 was closed and there were fires in the center of the state also. So we decided to just hang in Melbourne Beach.

Waiting to see the Atlas 5 space launch.
About 5 miles south of Cape Kennedy.

There she goes. The sound still did not get here.

It is over. The satellite is about in orbit and the missile smoke trail is being dissipated by the winds.

On the way north on I-95.
This is one of three places where the fires jumped over the Interstate.
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