Digging Out

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Every spring I usually had a small mound of snow to shovel to get the motorhome out of storage. The truck lot at the dealership was plowed from front to back. So only a small (3 ft deep by 3 ft high) mound was usually in front of the motorhome. Due to damage problems they had in the past, the dealership will no longer plow out the RVís.

Well this year they decided to plow from side to side. Which meant that the snow was pushed toward the RVís. With the large amount of snowfall this year I had a much larger area to shovel.

The RV's hiding behind the snow piles.

I have about 50 feet to shovel. The good thing is that I can come straight out.
Because the snow is laying against the sides of the motorhome, I also have to shovel around the sides.

I originally planned to shovel the first 3 feet then hire someone to plow the rest.
But the sun came out and I made good headway. So I kept shoveling.

I cleared about 15 feet the first day.
The shovel is 5 feet tall and the spade about 3.5 feet.
The more I shovled, the more I thought of sunny Florida.

After day two about 35 feet was cleared.
Tomorrow I'll clear the sides and reinstall the battries.
The dealership felt sorry for me and cleared the last 15 feet the next day.
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