Savannah, GA - Part A

River's End Campground, Tybee Island

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The trip down to Savannah was very peaceful. As usual, we watched the Gas prices drop as we headed south. It will only continue until we cross into Florida. Florida and New York have about the same prices.

When Iris & Jeff were in New York for Thanksgiving, they received too many toys and things for Samantha to fit in the Jeep for the return home. So we loaded up the motorhome for this trip.

Oscar was very quiet on the trip down.
Samantha remenbered him and gave him a big hug.
She also really likes the beach chair.

Samantha sharing her beach chair with her friends.

Mom talking with Olive.
Olive begging for snacks.

Although she has a huge toy chest, she prefers this drawer with the Tupperware.

Playing ball with grampa.

Samantha trying to get to grandma's margarita.

All cleaned up and ready for bed.
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