Savannah, GA - Part B

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There was a study about babies and their motor skills.
Babies can control their hands long before the can control their vocal cords.
So Samantha's day care teaches sign language.
Samantha was teaching us what she learned.

No trip to Savannah is complete without stopping at Davis Produce.

The Tybee Island Lighthouse on North Beach.
Grace did not know that there was a lighthouse on Tybee.
The next time she visits she will have to tour it.
We see it every time we go to The North Beach Grill for their crabcake sandwich.

Samantha could not understand why a steering wheel is in grandpa's house.

While Iris and Samantha were visiting us at the campground,
Jeff was playing at home.

The sign for milk.

The sign for food.

The sign for more.
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