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Part A

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Here we are back at our favorite springtime campground. We came down a week earlier than usual just so we could get our favorite site. It is first come first serve and the available sites, near the ocean, get fewer and fewer each year. (Most owners are putting park models on their sites.) But some of the owners rent the park models, so if in the future we canít get the motorhome in we will just have to rent a park model.

This is a very unusual year for us. Our last visitors here were Alexandra and her parents in 2001. This year we are having Frankís family, Chrisí family and Pat & Ben. Iris' family may even stop by for lunch on their way to Port St. Lucie the end of May. We donít even get that many visitors in Liverpool!

The only problem, none of the visitors are staying long enough to settle into the peace and quiet of the area.

I returned the GPS system we received for Christmas and got a new camera. With all the driving we have been doing, there is only a couple of times it would have come in handy. This is my 3rd digital camera, it has a x12 optical zoom with stablization. Like all Kodaks it is easy to operate, but it does have many more options than the last two cameras. With the x12 zoom I hope to get some real close ups of the wildlife. Like in the past, for every 10 to 15 pictures I take I only save one or two.

Mom and I walk the beach every day and that is where I plan to get the best shots.

This is our old favorite. The owner removed the fountain/birdbath and a large palm tree and installed some pavers so you can park two cars. It will be handy for when the company comes.

Every morning we stop at the "ocean pool" to leave our towels and stuff before
walking on the beach. When we get back we take a dip in the fresh water.

That's the "Melbourne Air Force" (pelicans) welcoming Frank & Gabe
as they get back from the surf carring body boards.

On one of our first beach walks this sand crab came out to welcome us back.

Blue Herons are very common on the beach.

This Sting Ray (notice the barb half way down it's tail)
was caught by one of the fishermen while I was walking by.

This baby Hammerhead Shark washed up on the beach while I was walking by.
It is only one shark. I combined the pictures.

Ibis are very common where there is no one on the beach.
They are very interesting to watch feeding and flying.
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