Melbourne Beach, Florida

Outdoor Resorts of America

Part B

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Frank’s family was the first to visit. They are staying about 5 miles up highway A1A and right on the ocean. They visited for two days and spent most of their time in the ocean.
I brought the old body boards (which Grace, Iris, Zac, and Luke used) down from our garage attic. They seemed to be just the thing because the wind was really whipping up the waves.

Frank III catching a big wave.
Notice his feet up behind him in the wave.

Frank III enjoying a ride.

Gabe catching a fast ride.

Isaac having a great ride.

Frank riding a wave.

I'm not sure who the body board is riding!!

Oops, another bust!
The beach is usually very sandy under the water.
Unfortunately, because of the high winds this past week, the floor under
the water is full of sea shells.Which cause many cuts and scratches.
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