Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Part E

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Continuing with Frank's family.

If you looked at two years ago you may remember seeing my attempt at taking pictures of the osprey nest on top of a communications tower. At that time I used the camera sighted through binoculars. They did not turn out too good.

This year there is a new cell phone tower which is much closer. I set the tripod on the dash of the motorhome and just wait for something to happen in the nest.

Looking at the two towers from the dash of the motorhome.
I usually watch with the binoculars and when I see activity I get on the camera.

An adult Osprey returning to the nest with a fish.
I was too late to get the fish in the picture.
Like the eagle, the osprey catches the fish with their talons.

You can see two adults in the nest.

Having an appetizer on the patio with Frank's family.
We had the binoculars out and they got to see the osprey
activity including carrying fish to the nest.

After dinner we went down to the Indian river to watch the sunset.
They also got to see many fish jumping out of the water and a Blue Heron fishing.

Saying goodbye. They head north tomorrow morning.

Maybe they can come back next year.
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