Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Part G - Pat & Ben

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Enjoying a casual walk on the beach.

Mom still acting as the lifeguard.

Pat and Ben wanted a picture with palm trees.

Café Coconut Cove.
We had to take them to our favorite German restaurant.
Great food and outstanding company.

Watching the sunset on Café Coconut Cove's fishing pier.
(On a very windy day!)

We only had one night for an Oklahoma tournament.
It's been so long since we played, we had to figure out how many cards to deal!
I found out that my camera focuses when you push the button and not after the 10 second delay. I was standing in front of the camera when I pushed the button. So it focused on my stomach which was only 12" from the camera. Guess who won!

Ben "Thing"
2007 Oklahoma tournament champion.
Now we have to live with that until the next time we play!!!
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