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When we were here in 2005, we watched an Osprey family in nest on top of a communications tower. Since I only had a X2 zoom camera, I had to use a binocular to sight my camera through. I posted some interesting pictures on the website at that time.

When we were here in 2004 we could not get the site which looks at the tower so we did not monitor the Osprey.

This year we got our old site back (which looks at the communications tower) and I also have a better camera with a x12 zoom. There is also a new cell phone tower which is much closer and has a new nest. Now I get to watch two nests. I set my small tripod on the motorhome dash and watch for activity using the binoculars.

As in the past, I noticed that one adult osprey always stays at the nest while the other is out whn there are either eggs or babies in the nest. The new nest always has an adult stand guard.

Osprey fish like eagles. They dive talons first and grab the fish in their talons.

Looking out the front of the motorhome.
The near tower is the cell phone tower with the new Osprey nest.

The far tower has a 3 year old nest and is much larger.

Osprey adult stand guard looking for its mate which went to the ocean for food.

Osprey adult stand guard, facing the Indian River, but looking back at the nest.
The mate went to the river to fish, so there may be young in the nest.

Osprey bring a fish back.
The camera has about a 1 second delay, so I just missed catching the fish in its talons.
The mate went to the ocean just before this adult returned. So they must see the mate returning and then leave.

Osprey flying over the beach toward the south.
I got this shot while walking on the beach.

Before and after an all night storm with 40 to 50 mph winds.
About a third of the nest was blown away. The family was missing the whole next day.
Today, the second day after, an adult arrived and started to rebuild the nest.
Not sure if the second adult is still around.
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