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Magnificent Frigatebird

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Over the years we have seen many different birds. And just when you feel you have seen all of the birds which frequent the area. You find a new one. When you see birds soaring in the wind they are usually Pelicans or Northern Gannets.

The Magnificent Frigatebird is very rare in this area.

On this day there was a steady 1520 mph wind from the south. When it hit the Ebb Tide condo it caused a steady updraft on its south side which is right over the Ocean Pool at Outdoor Resorts. We were in the Ocean Pool and when we looked up we saw something larger than a pelican soaring over the pool.

Looking at the Magnificent Frigatebirds while in the ocean pool.

Soaring near the 14 floor roof of the Ebb Tide Condo next to the ocean pool.
The roof panels are on 16" centers. The wing span is about 7 feet.

This one soared over the pool for over 40 minutes.

Depending where he was in the updraft, to maintain position, it would extend its wings or bend them at the elbows.

After awhile he was joined by his buddy.
They soared for about 15 minutes together, and then we had to leave.
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