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Least Tern

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We have seen the Least Tern for many years and never looked up their name. They are seen at the river and also the ocean. They very interesting to watch while they fish for very small fish (minnows). The hover stationary about 10 to 15 feet above the water while they watch the fish. Then drop straight down and seem to bounce off the water as they catch the fish. It happens very fast and I was never able to get a good picture.

With my new camera I can sit back and watch from a distance without scaring them.

Landing next to his mate. I think that mate is carrying eggs.

Looking at me to see if I am trouble.

Leaving the mate to go fishing.
I should have used a faster setting on the camera.

As he leaves, both he and the mate kept chirping.

Out over the water looking for fish.

I think mama is yelling at him to catch a fish already!

He catches a fish.
He hits the water and is gone before you know it.

After catching the fish he gives it to mama.
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