Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Northern Gannet

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There are three birds which we watch dive for fish at Melbourne Beach:
Least Tern, Northern Gannet, and Pelican.

The Least Tern dives for minnows and does not seem to get more than its head wet.

The Northern Gannet which folds its wings and shapes its body to look like a spear. It crashes into the water and goes completely under to get its fish.

The Pelican which also crashes into the water, but it usually turns over on its back as it hits the water. Out of the three, the Pelican catches the largest fish of all.

Adult Northern Gannet
A yearling is almost black. They turn mostly white as they approach adult.

Adult Northern Gannet looking for fish.

Adult Northern Gannet diving on a fish.

Some days you will see a flock of them fishing together.

This one is just folding his wings to pick up speed.

It looks like these two are going after the same fish.
I wonder if that is their teacher floating in the water?
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